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Meadow Hall Centres

Meadow Hall offers world class coaching through the following centres:


Youth Fitness Centre

Our sporting activities and dais not only cater to the physiological and…


Book Cafe

The Cafe offers a great atmosphere for book worms and book lovers alike…


Art Centre

Stretching the imagination allows the creative juices to flow…


SEN Centre

Special Education Needs Centre was set up to help children that finds…

icon-stem centre

STEM Centre

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. In…


Dance School

The centre helps children develop interest in dance and also an…

icon-music academy

Music Academy

With a view to honing and celebrating the musical abilities and talents of…


Learning Centre

Our Learning Centre provides qualitative educational services to…

icon-language school

Language School

There is a consistent requirement for our children to be multilingual or at…


After School Programme

Children are able to utilize our facilities to learn & build social skills.


Edutainment Centre

 MEC is a centre where children can develop a myriad of skills while having fun.